clinton goes to to washington

as in the previous post, this one is slapped on the web weeks after writing. in this case, the creation date was 13 december 2008. it addresses some concerns i still have, though i have since arrived at other means of stating some of what i attempt to state here. be that as it may, i deem the process worthy of consideration--both as a record for myself, and as indication of the development of the larger program i have in store. as such. the errors you find may be permanent, while those i discover are definitely subject to resolution. in essence, the learning experience unfolds unabated. and i have you to thank for that.

as clinton put it this past week, "naturally," there are those who take greater or lesser liberties with their position as politicians for the purposes of self-aggrandizement, rather than what should be a matter of public service. this, from a guy who effectively outspent his political opponents by a hefty margin, the true figures for which can never be accurately known, thanks to the well-heeled cadre of stereotypically bespectacled little men known as accountants. naturally, the defenders of neo clinton (rightly or wrongly related to the neo of matrix trilogy renown) will discern any criticism of the one as being yet another hypocritical instance of said self-aggrandizement on the part of the critic. thus, i shall not belabor the issue, other than to point out that i have given your president-erect a new monniker: clinton, neo. not mister or missus. simply clinton, sometimes neo. and i leave it at that. for now.

i must say that the weeks following the election became cause for some concern. prior to the frenzied casting of votes (rather than the casting of lots, as the ancient greeks did in democracy's long-forgotten cradle) across these untidy states of amerikkka, i harbored a kind of hope centered around the much-ballyhooed date of 12.21.2012. afterward, however, i seemed to suffer a strain of post partum depression, abandoning my faith in that arbitrary marker. now, i'm happy to report, the past week saw such a fountain of calamity that my spirit has perked up a bit. after enduring a trio of personal disasters—a dispute over money, the loss of heat for the weekend, despair over my nuclear family's rising dysfunction—all of which have taken a turn for the better, i enjoyed watching a number of social upheavals.

the spate of nominally anarchist-led protests, riots, and general strikes that plagued greece spurred solidarity actions across europe, though the dim-witted populace of this country continued its slack-jawed response to the wholesale robbery of the nation by a small, unidentified cadre of victorian-style robber barons. bank of america's refusal to honor the 250 booted workers of allied window and door with any kind of severance package was paralleled by republican croker and company's senate cronies in their effort to place the big three auto manufacturers' woes squarely in the laps of the united auto workers' union. in the background, media pundits—including and especially the elitist twits at national public railroad radio—have joined conservative economists and their political lackeys by stepping up their blame of the housing crisis on predatory borrowers. mother earth, for her part, unleashed a blast of extreme weather across the occident, dumping snow on the south from texas to the atlantic coastline, flooding italy from rome to sicily and calabria, and icing the northeast clear up to ottawa in homage to the evil ming of planet mongo, toppling trees and power lines while flooding low-lying depressions with icy tarns jammed with driftwood.

here's an infrastructure plan that goes past roads and bridges and "technology" efforts: window replacement—saving heat and reducing greenhouse emissions for citizens across the spectrum, as all types of buildings serving all classes are way behind when it comes to efficiency. similarly, blown insulation uses recycled paper and can be successfully inserted in the walls of existing homes, cutting down heat loss considerably. it requires workers with mid- to high-level skills to carry out the patching needed after completion. these are two wide-reaching infrastructure items that would serve the greatest number of people—homeowners and renters—by both training young people and as a service to all kinds of homes, not to mention the climate. is neo ready for this? are you? how about some other ideas?



  1. Hmmm. Norman, I am more than sure that Union workers appreciate your nod to their expertise. With corporate nods to diversification--I never will forget the president's commerical break during a major Redskin win that heralded the offset of that economic stimulus strategy. Visit Memphis. Visit Minnesota. (However, I sense that you ain't to keen on cold, Nor-easter Man:-) "Baptize yourself in the sea of the people," You appreciate their skill. B-


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