Sea Dog Working Board One

hey, will you look at that! 39 seconds of homemade animation looping its way toward a completed short film of as yet undetermined length. this is my first foray into after effects in many years. i'm going to have to find some other delivery platforms. maybe it's time for a youtube channel. according to my output settings, one should be able to view this up to 720/480 pixels. and on iPad, iPhone, AppleTV and shit. i'm being lazy now and not providing a play or stop button. the first frame features the moth. and some nice camera work is excised, too. the completed work will actually have sound and even a story of sorts. backgrounds from Ernst Haeckel. lots of other cool 19th and 20th century images are on deck. and layers and layers of original sound. get ready!

okay, just go to youtube until i figure this out:


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