Nothing new...

I've got a lot on my mind. New stories, new poems, new collage, new sculpture even and, most of all, new city. That's right. The gravity of New York City and State, the glorious Empire State, could hold me no more. In the trajectory of this piece of my life--versus the one I live for all time and more--it's nothing new, really. I left New York City in 1988 the first time, and every time I've returned, I've never managed to hang out for more than a handful of years. New York City is over, a party our pal Peter Missing predicted was finished when he got there around the same time I did: 1981. Of course, what is now my new city is hardly new. Everyone who started it is long dead, and the motor works that pundits and commentators refer to in order to paint their horrorshows of neo-nigger blight started pulling out years ago. The term "Rust Belt" was coined in 1983, according to Merriam-Webster online, but there is neither attribution nor context given. Any one as old as I am knows that the year 1983 pretty well coincides with the horrors (or triumphs, depending on how you view it) of the Reagan era. When Bill Laswell and Bootsy Collins sampled the POTUS's pre-press conference joke, "Ladies and gentlemen, I have just signed legislation that will outlaw Russia forever: the bombing begins in five minutes..." we knew he was for real. Wall Street boomed and we temped in offices doing desktop publishing and word processing in our mohawks and dreadlocks and black outfits and desire wings like Bruno Ganz to take us off this doomed planet. Detroit fell apart back then. Why nobody noticed until now is the same reason that no one has noticed that every city in the Rust Belt from Pennsyltucky to Boston and back to the muddy Mississippi was ruined when manufacturing left for China and other parts of what was called the Third World and Ronnie Raygun fired 11,000 union workers while Nelson the Last Rockefeller gave us all the finger. This is what we've got to work with. Our only hope of dodging the vampire dictates of the unbridled capitalist economy is to embrace an alternative world order that involves neo-agrarian ecology and participatory democracy. It's not going to be smooth going, but every individual is electric--we're all connected, positive and negative--so there's no doubt that one day we'll all recognize the forgotten knowledge that all that we can be is the light. In the meantime, I'm plugging a few pictures here. I made them all. I own none. But someone has most of them, except for one or two. Later...

(not) my country 
alms control 
annie's tail 
ars longa vita skip it 
captured by the game 
estimated time of the obviated 
giant squid (unfinished)


history of the philosophy of the economy of sleepwatching 
labor lost 
last year 
mainstream hillbilly dixieland blues 
pain street 
mistakes were made


oil and class

on the replacement of the triple goddess with a male

pillage and rapine beat

solo or not to be 
beardon's bane

star boxing

this is a recording

triple threat

turning radius 
untitled one 
untitled 2

untitled three

who needs free will when you got free choice


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