a fool on a hill
by norman douglas

i too have been to the mountaintop

i have trudged through its snow

drifting like a unique snowflake

over its hillocks

down its dales

straddled its streams

its brooks a-babble

strolled its river

banks crossed penniless and fed

upon its greens

its sprouts from the dirt

its air sending high frigid

blasts to bite me sharply,

cutting deep to the quick

stepping it up and further

up the steep beds in its wood

crunching leaves brown underfoot

resting on great gray stones

green (again) with moss

lichen surrounded by ferns

canopied by branches

limbs, broken boughs

hanging on a splinter

overhead, home to bird

songs and bees nests

trespassers will tacked to bark

trunks clawed bare by black bear

redwing blackbirds

robins and cardinals

cranes, geese, eagles, ducks,

white-bellied red-tail hawks

while down in the thistle

rabbits and squirrels

chipmunks and deer.

and you

you were not here

where were you my little dear

loved one? learning another

language or loving your other

lover you love too but

different than me?

did you dance with a new partner

riding the surf while you seek

slogging the galleys still

sleeping in your speech

awake in your dreams

reciting your rage

wishing your child

lived in a new age

a time when you came

up to a mountain

volcano, a cliff

throwing down the junk

you keep lying around

like how water falls down

like phone calls

you’d rather no talk to

like people too close

like those with most of the things

you like least in yourself

like egos that tell you

what you can’t stand no more

like all you can stand

all these fight words

like rumors

like who fucks you

like who wants this war

you never started that you

won’t ever finish

like what do you like

do you like ice cream


i know you’ll arrive

high on some mountain

where others are waiting

every one of them naked

unique and not faceless

you’ll stand in that crowd

you’ll know you are living

you’ll not want for nothing

you’ll find yourself giving

you’ll eat candy sweet carrots

you’ll see past the forest

you’ll see past the oceans

you’ll see past the stars

you won’t see hollywood or washington

you won’t see london or paris

you’ll see no mumbai or tokyo

no lagos no caracas

you’ll see brothers and sisters

all over the place

you’ll see your own selfie

in each caring face

you’ll see ground you can sit on

or stand on or run on, lie down

you’ll see each one holding

an artistic license, a musical

instrument, you’ll hear the

song in each mouth, you’ll

hear silence so noiseless

it rests your ears in its peace

you’ll have no need for words

you’ll be emptied of thoughts

you’ll know with a knowledge

your mind full of minds

like your own changeless spirit

your third and one eye

now still blinded to light.

you’ll get to the mountain

remember? the one where

we once wanted to go

where you won’t say goodbye

or farewell, or say see ya

wouldn’t wanna be ya

where we’ll see who we really

always wanted to see

so we can say well

hello there it’s nice

to see you


it’s so nice

for you to see me.


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