seeds and augury

resigned to the vast sea of possibility, i surrender even to this, where some months ago i responded with a terse lack of courtesy and grace to the suggestion -- made by carlo -- that i create my very own blog. the idea of "my own blog" terrified me. the project unfolding right under our fingertips is a universal one. 

i seek allies, not the transcendence of my ego. 

now, of course, i am reconciled to the unseen collaboration i so adamantly -- even vehemently -- pointed out to joel and florian after christoph's opening at roebling hall on wednesday night (the gallery's last show, though joel promises more shenanigans elsewhere). 

i am not the editor here. each reader relegates this text to the pages of text and image chosen over an unlimited swath of time, across the permeable borders that economics imposes on this earth.

stay tuned. i vow to impose only reflections of some provenance on your eyes and -- eventually -- ears. this is the gracious beginning...


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